2010 NFL Draft: Three Players The Oakland Raiders Should Avoid Drafting

The Oakland Raiders have had a less-than-perfect record when it comes to first round draft picks since 2000.  If they hope to make a better start this decade, then they must learn the lessons of the past.

There are certain players who might look good on paper, but not on tape.  The ultimate yardstick for any player entering the NFL is his desire and work ethic. Without it the rest doesn't mean anything.

Neither do 40-yard dash times and bench press reps without the ability to play football.

Here are three players that I believe that the Oakland Raiders should shy away from on draft day:


S Taylor Mays (USC):  Mays has started to creep back into mock drafts for the Oakland Raiders at number eight, but there are so many reasons why Oakland should stay away from Mays this year.

He showed at the Senior Bowl that he was very suspect in coverage and often whiffed on tackles whilst going for the big hit. 

He has never been a ball hawk, having very few interceptions in his college career. 

Despite his amazing physical talents, he doesn’t translate that well to the pros, and if we needed another reason not to take Mays, the Raiders are already well stocked at safety with Tyvon Branch, Micheal Huff, and Mike Mitchell.

Mays is the absolute worst possible pick for Oakland.


OT Bruce Campbell (Maryland):  Despite almost everyone on the planet having Bruce Campbell going to the Raiders with the eighth pick of the draft, I have to say that I think that this would be a huge mistake. 

Campbell is only listed behind Taylor Mays because Mays would be the wrong pick at the wrong position, and Campbell would at least be the wrong pick at the right position.

It happens every year at the combine...teams fall in love with workout warriors and disregard the fact that the player is les...

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