2010 NFL Draft: The Oakland Raiders’ Options at No. 8

With the 2010 NFL draft less than two weeks away, opinions about what would be the best thing for Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders to do come Thursday, April 22nd are rampant. Since Davis is so keen on not tipping his hand, fans are left to wonder, prognosticate, and argue over the options that present themselves with the eighth pick. Some say it must be an offensive tackle, some want a defensive tackle, still others want Al to trade down to get more picks. The truth is that all of these scenarios would be good for the Raiders in some way or another. But, what will happen? When discussing Al Davis, it's anyone's guess! This slide show will discuss only five of an infinite number of options that Al Davis and the Raiders might consider to improve the team. Not what they should do, only what they could do. Let's get started...Begin Slideshow


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