2010 NFL Draft Results: Jason Campbell Trade Shakes Up AFC West

Will the real Al Davis please stand up?


The AFC West just got a new quarterback, and he’s coming there with a chip on his shoulder.


In what is becoming one of the more interesting stories of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders appear to have a coherent plan and are executing it with style.


The Raiders acquired Jason Campbell for a fourth-round draft pick in the 2012 NFL Draft from the Washington Redskins.


You read that right, the 2012 NFL Draft.


Campbell was a first-round draft pick in 2005 and started 52 games for the Redskins. He had 55 touchdowns and 38 interceptions with a career passer rating of 82.3. But with Donovan McNabb now on the Redskins roster, Campbell became expendable.


Campbell has developed into a solid quarterback, but not a great one. However, he’s had to learn a different offense almost every season since his college years, so the fact he’s been able to do that without going insane says something about how smart he is.


This now leaves the question on whether or not JaMarcus Russell will compete for the starting job, or if he even has a future on the Raiders at all.


But the effect Campbell will have on the Raiders is a slightly different discussion because the AFC West now has been completely transformed from what it looked like just a few years ago.


Campbell joins a division with Kyle Orton in Denver, Phillip Rivers in San Diego, and Matt Cassell in Kansas City. Let’s not forget Denver also has Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow now.


The AFC West is set up now to be a pass-first division.


The team that wins this division will be the team that is able to protect their quarterback the most effec...

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