2010 NFL Draft: Read ’em and Weep, Oakland Raiders Had the Best Draft Days

Sorry all you Raider haters out there, there's nothing to laugh about this year.  The Oakland Raiders have had the hands-down best draft in the National Football League in 2010.

The only things that I would have done differently would have been to add a blocking fullback and another center, but neither were pressing needs.

Nevertheless, I'd like to see the Raiders sign free-agent center Kevin Mawae.  His veteran presence would be conducive for this young group of linemen.

Of course, the NFL Draft should always be taken with a grain of salt, because there is no telling what the prospects will do at the next level.  But at least on paper, the Raiderss have smoked the competition and expectations with quite a haul.

The race for best was between the Raiders, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the New York Giants, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles.  Not coincidentally, three of those teams are in the same division. 

Nevertheless, no other team had more on its list of things to do than Oakland, and in three short days, the Raiders have addressed each area of need. 

Thus, the Raiders clearly had the best Draft Days.

Going into the Draft, every expert said that the Raiders needed help on the offensive line, defensive line, quarterback, linebacker, and secondary depth.  Some even added that the Raiders needed another wide-out for good measure. 

Most commented that the Raiders are a rising team, but just needed solid football players, not projects. 

But that type of sensibility was hard to expect from Al Davis.

You probably have not heard much about the Raiders, because it seemed that most panelists were at a loss for words to see such an incredible haul for the Oakland Raiders in 2010, after previous years where you could say the same thing about Al Davis and it would probably be right.


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