2010 Mock Draft: Rebuilding the Oakland Raiders in Three Days!

Yet Another Mock Draft!

Many people, including myself, have suggested hundreds of draft day options for the ailing Oakland Raiders. Some make great sense, address all the team needs, and are potential home run ideas.

Others...not so much!

Those of you that read my articles or comments regularly know that I have been advocating for the Raiders to draft Rolando McClain with the eighth overall pick. I've been very vocal about this and would argue my position with anyone.


A regular reader on B/R pointed out some interesting flaws in the game of Rolando McClain. "Sons of Blanda" pointed out that McClain was taking plays off, and "loli-gagging" in certain situations. He backed it up with a video reference.

After seeing that video, and hours of research, I discovered he was right. This made me realize that my thought of what the Raiders should do in the draft has changed.

This article is a follow up to several of my articles. The most recent of these is called, "2010 NFL Draft: Oakland Raiders' options at No. 8 " and deals solely with the Raiders' eighth overall pick.

This article will go beyond that, covering the entire draft. I will create a mock draft from the eighth overall pick, to the compensatory 251st pick in the seventh round.

I will not be suggesting any trades up or down. I'm working on the assumption that the Raiders will keep the picks they have and use them to draft the players they need.

While reading this article, keep one thing in mind. I will be selecting players based on what I perceive as the best thing for the improvement of the Oakland Raiders, not what I think Al Davis will actually do.

We all know that some one attempting to make their money predicting Al Davis' actions will go broke pretty quick!

Let's get on with it then...


With the eighth pick in the 2010 NFL d...

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