2010 Donovan McNabb Sweepstakes: Oakland Raiders Emerge As Leading Candidate

This offseason has been quiet an entertaining one for NFL fans. Since the beginning of the free agency period, plenty of trades and signings have occurred around the league.

The talk of the past week has been Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who the Eagles have put out on the market for all teams interested.

Despite the number of offers Philadelphia has received, the likely candidate is the Oakland Raiders.

Yes, everyone, the Oakland Raiders are the team to beat for McNabb's services. Sources say Oakland has all the ingredients for a trade in place.

Up to this point, the Eagles have said the Raiders have shown the most interest and have offered the best pieces available.

Who knows what Al Davis could have up his sleeve. A rumor of McNabb and Asante Samuel for Nnamdi Asomugha and a draft pick was possible. Would Al Davis be crazy enough to give up his best, young talent for McNabb who is in his 30s and awaits a new contract?

Also, what does this mean for the future of JaMarcus Russell.

It shall be interesting to wait and see how long a deal can take. Don't be surprised though if we see a surprise blockbuster deal hit the NFL this week as the draft remains less than a month away.

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