10 Things You Need To Know About a Donovan McNabb Trade To Oakland

You cannot look at a sports page or web site and not find the story about the Oakland Raiders trading for Donovan McNabb. This is one of the most interesting reads, especially for Oakland and Philadelphia fans.


Talking to several die hard Oakland fans, some are excited about this possibility and some are enraged about it. The one consistent thing is there is no middle ground. Either they love it or they hate it; that is what makes it such a great topic of discussion.


We first heard that several teams had contacted the Eagles about their quarterbacks. Buffalo, Detroit, Oakland, Cleveland, Minnesota, etc. Detroit became the front runner for awhile until their GM came forward and said “Absolutely False.”


ESPN says that “The Oakland Raiders are the leading candidate to land Donovan McNabb.” Two sources with the organization say they have not spoken to the Eagles about McNabb.


McNabb says he would rather stay with the Eagles, but if he is going to be traded, he would prefer to go to the Vikings.


With all of these rumors floating around, there are 10 things that need to be taken into consideration about this possible trade:


1. Donovan McNabb is in the final year of his contract. If the Raiders were to make this trade, they have to realistically take into consideration that he could be one and done. He has already said that he wants to go to a contender. If he decides to leave after his final contractual year, the Raiders would be giving up a top 40 pick for a one year rental. 

2. Donovan McNabb is 33 years old. He played on a pro bowl level last year. He has been a very good player, but he also has shown signs that he is getting old. No one knows how much more he has left in his tank. The Raiders' offensive line is not very good and he would take a ...

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