Wizards with the Basketball: 15 Greatest Passers in NBA History

Welcome back to the "Greatest Ever" series as we continue with the ranks of the finest passers to play in the history of the NBA

This league has been blessed with dozens and dozens amazing passers from multiple and efficient ways of delivering dimes to their team mates.Some of the first revolutionary players through the course of the years introduced passes unseen outside of North America

Yes,like behind the back,between the legs,no look,the touch passes which all helped to improve the game in many ways and to prove that good team plays such as dishing the rock to everyone can create many easy chance for the easy points

Many of these members of the list will be Point Guards,who of course have the task to get their team into a good mood in offense,like to set up plays for them for the easy points.Some add little flair and smartly use ball fakes to get their team mate into better call

They usually have the stats,lead the league but only once a legend of this game,managed to lead the NBA in assists which is rare.Other guys can dish dimes as well,but not nearly good as the rest,there are of course some expectations.

Here are the 15 greatest passers in the NBA History!

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