Will the Los Angeles Lakers Sign LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony Next Year?

For most teams, rebuilding is a long and laborious process that involves terrible records, high draft picks, years of waiting for player development and a certain amount of good fortune. The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t most teams. Their reconstruction will probably be a one-year process that will restock the shelves with top-flight talent and make them an immediate contender in 2014-15.

With boatloads of cap space, Mitch Kupchak will be looking at the superstar free agents that could hit the market next summer—none of whom are bigger than LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony. Both LeBron and Anthony have early termination options on their contracts that could see them opt out and join new teams.

While they would leave a lot of money on the table, they would undoubtedly be able to get maximum contracts anyway, and they both may be looking for a change of scenery by this time next year.


LeBron May Face Another Tough 'Decision'

LeBron James is entering the season with a three-peat on his mind. Normally such aspirations wouldn’t spell an impending departure, but the Miami Heat have some daunting questions that need to be answered to quell the nervous chatter that has only grown louder in the past months.

The status of Dwyane Wade’s knees is uncertain, and that is a terrifying thought. LeBron showed us on multiple occasions throughout the playoffs that he can carry the team with an ailing Wade and invisible Chris Bosh, but that’s not what he envisioned when he made his infamous decision.

If Wade’s knees remain a problem that robs him of playing time and athleticism, the Heat are a significantly weaker team that doesn’t look so invincible.

Additionally, the Heat must address their lack of size and rebounding, which were exploited by the Indiana Pacers to great success in the conference finals. Bringing back Chris Andersen i...

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