Will a Small City Ever Be Home to an NBA Dynasty?

There are so many things to think about with the looming NBA lockout. So many questions coming about concerning the NBA that would never be asked if the NBA was in season. So many predictions being made that might never be confirmed.

However, this a question I have always wanted to ask and as I did more research the answer seemed to become more apparent. 

Owners argue that the new deal they are proposing will give NBA teams equal chances of competing from year to year, yet I beg to differ. I believe this is not really possible.

I don't think us fans realize how big a role the location of an NBA team plays when players are presented with the opportunity to choose where they want to play.

Do you really think the Lakers would have attracted the talent that they have throughout the history of the NBA if they would have stayed in Minnesota? Consequently, do you really believe the Minnesota Timberwolves will ever attract the marquee players fans desire?

Sure, some teams are fortunate to draft great talents and compete, such as the Oklahoma City Thunder. Needless to say, Oklahoma is far from an appealing city in the wide range of things, but the fans are amazing and truly appreciate their team.

Nevertheless, I'm sure the young talent on that team wouldn't mind being in a more lively city, which is why you often times see these players any where else but Oklahoma during this lockout.

The Spurs also had their time, winning three championships in five years. Yet, they were fortunate in the great players they were able to draft in assembling a great team.

However, the two greatest dynasties in the NBA, the Lakers and Celtics, both serve large cities. Together the two teams account for more than thirty championships. Although a small city may get a ring here and there, whether it be the Milwaukee Bucks in 1974 or even the Portland Trailblazers in 1990, they...

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