Why Xavier Henry Could Be Biggest Surprise of LA Lakers 2013-14 Season

Xavier Henry isn't a star. He doesn't instill fear into opponents. His name is synonymous with the term "draft bust" more than it is with anything else.

Which is why he may be just the surprise the Los Angeles Lakers need.

Drawing conclusions this early in the process is like shooting off fireworks inside your garage, house, apartment or dorm room. People aren't supposed to do it, yet some do. 

Similar methodology applies to the NBA preseason. Two games don't mean anything. The entire preseason is often considered a forum for which the baseless and meaningless take place. 

Skepticism of that kind holds doubly true for the unproven talents who could be making names for themselves courtesy of inferior opponents, fortuitous whistles and lucky bounces. Dominant performances by Derrick Rose are believable and worth reading into because they're expected. Touting Henry for a couple of encouraging showings, when he's spent three-plus years residing in obscurity, is both premature and hyperoblic.

Still, the preseason means something. Roster spots and places in the rotation are won from these exhibitions. And asked if Henry was securing himself a roster spot with the Lakers thanks to his preseason efforts, head coach Mike D'Antoni intimated he was, according to Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding:

While it's still early, the Lakers are a team that are going to field surprises this season. Their docket isn't like it was in years past. There is no concrete rotation. There isn't even a definitive agenda or set of expectations for them.

Immersed in structural uncertainty, Magic Mike is going to experiment. Once unimpressive or disappointing prospects will play meaningful minutes. Reliable role players will emerge from dark corners, in time to make a lasting impression.

One of those players, those surprises, could be Henry. It could happen.

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