Why The Los Angles Lakers Can Win Their Third NBA Championship in a Row

As time has passed since the end of the 2009-2010 season, the LA Lakers have begun putting into place all of the pieces they need to in order to go for a third NBA championship in a row.

Last season was the second championship the Lakers have won in a row. If the Lakers can do exactly what they did last season again, they have a very good chance of not only making it to the NBA finals, but winning another championship as well.

The key to the Lakers' success this season will be based on the work they have done in the preseason.

They have re-signed the necessary players, they are bringing back an excellent coach, their players are taking care of themselves in the off season, they have a previous winning record and they have the have the drive to win.

The next several slides describe how everything the Lakers have done since last season will put them in the right position to win another championship next season.

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