Why the Los Angeles Lakers Won’t Lose a Game This Season

If anyone could do 82-0, it would be the Lakers.  It's as if a dream team was assembled: Kobe at the forefront, Gasol manning the middle and Artest and Barnes nagging the other team's top offensive player. 

It's really not fair.  But seeing as sports aren't about being fair in the first place, we'll let it slide. 

Do I really think the Lakers are going to go 82-0?  No, of course not.  But do I think anyone in the West will be able to contend with the formidable Lakers lineup? 

No one will push the Lakers past six games in the playoffs.  That's just a fact.  They are a complete team. 

When you have a starting five that could potentially play on the Western Conference All-Star team, you have a pretty good head start on most other teams. 

You add Steve Blake and "Ron Artest No. 2" (Matt Barnes) and you improve upon a team that has won two straight championships. The other teams are screwed.  Royally. 

Denver was the team in 2009 that I thought could possibly contend with the Lakers.  They are in disarray this year and Carmelo is soon to be playing in a different uniform. 

I would love for my hometown Kings to contend with the Lakers, but the Kings will have trouble contending with a youth basketball program, so that's out of the realm of possibilities. 

Who else could possibly challenge the Lakers in the Western Conference?  Utah, with the addition of Al Jefferson, but the subtraction of Carlos Boozer?

Houston, with a healthy Yao Ming (for about two weeks)?  Dallas, with Dirk Nowitzki tripping over himself and failing to play defense or realize he should at least try to look tough? 

San Antonio?  They'll be busing most of their team from the retirement home just outside of Olmos Park.  The Clippers?  I don't think so. 

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