Why the Los Angeles Lakers Are Only 3 Years from Another NBA Title

There haven’t been many bright spots for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. Doom and gloom has surrounded L.A., but Laker Nation should not get too depressed. If Mitch Kupchak and the notorious Jim Buss play their cards right, the 2016-2017 season very well could be an NBA championship year for the Purple and Gold.

How in the world will they go from this season at a current record of (16-28) to an NBA title in just three years? Well the blueprint is laid out for them with multiple possibilities.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ legendary franchise has a total of 16 NBA championships and is looking to add to that total as soon as possible. With the upcoming NBA draft and free-agent acquisitions in the summer of 2015 as well as the summer of 2016, the Lake Show will be primed for another title run, bringing the team back to prominence once again.


This All Sounds Good but What’s the Catch?

In order to get to that level of success again, the Lakers will have to suffer through at least one more year of being a relatively bad basketball team. Obviously it can’t get much worse than it currently is, and next year should see improvement, but certainly nothing drastic.

If they can be patient and spend their money wisely this offseason, the doors will open to make major moves and set the team up for huge success down the road.



I know it’s tough to sit and watch the Lakers stink up the place, but in just a couple years, they’ll be back at a championship level. Part of that future success could be because of the tanking job they are pulling off this season.

I’m not saying to deliberately tank on purpose, but more like stay on the current pace of losing (15 losses in last 18 games), while still keeping games interesting for the fans. By keeping this up, they should position themselves f...

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