Why the L.A. Lakers Need To Have Dinner


The Los Angeles Lakers had another bad loss last night, losing to the San Antonio Spurs. As bad as they looked on their road trip, and they looked horrible, they were just downright terrible on their home floor. The fans had no choice but to boo the home team as they wasted money, time, and Easter to watch a half-hearted effort on the part of the Lakers.

It’s like a mother who chastises her son for bringing home poor grades. “It would be different if you couldn’t do the work, but we know you can. You have so much potential.” The fans look at the Lakers in the same way that the mother looks at her son.

The disappointing thing is not the embarrassment of the loss, but the fact that the effort wasn’t even there. This Lakers team has so much potential, but it is in danger of wasting that potential and wasting an opportunity to win another championship.

Of course, looking at the glass half full and many may be wondering why there’s even a concern in Lakers nation. After all, the Lakers are virtually assured to repeat as the top seed in the Western Conference and they’ve already secured yet another Pacific Division title.

They are going to win 55-plus games this season and are widely considered to be the best or second best team in the league.

But see, that perception is based upon past performance and future potential. The Lakers, on paper, certainly look like a team to be reckoned with, but they are not playing like it. Perhaps they are cutting corners because seven times out of 10, they can get away with it and still win. Perhaps they feel as if they have nothing left to prove in the regular season. Whatever the excuse is, the Lakers have gift-wrapped teams the most important commodity in sports: confidence.

Now teams that would be happy just to make the playoffs, such as the Thunder, legitimately believe they can beat the Lakers. A year ...

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