Why the Boston Celtics Don’t Stand a Chance in the NBA Finals

I am going to predict the result of the 2010 NBA finals.

The Los Angeles Lakers will mop the floor with the Boston Celtics.

I will not use statistics to justify my prediction. I will not discuss how many PPG either team is averaging. I will not dig into offensive or defensive statistics for either side. I have to break the news to every sports fan.

In the playoffs, statistics do not matter!

I don't care how great a team performed during the regular season. Having the best record in the regular season doesn't guarantee you anything in the playoffs, except home-court advantage. Even then, there's no telling how deep the team will go in the playoffs(see 2010 Cleveland Cavaliers).

Once you hit the playoffs, all stats are thrown right out the window. This is the time of the year where players show what they are made of. This is where players show whether they have what it takes to play the best teams in the league. This is where teams show how much heart they have.

The Boston Celtics absolutely destroyed the Orlando Magic. Yeah I know, Orlando managed to win a few games to prevent the sweep. Realistically, the Magic didn't stand a chance. Everyone watching the series clearly knew who the better team was.

Boston simply outplayed Orlando in every aspect of the game. Throughout the playoffs, Boston has managed to play harder than every team they faced. They earned every win they've gotten so far.

The problem is though, that they haven't played the Lakers yet.

The Lakers have faced the young, rising stars in Oklahoma City in the first-round. It was a close series because the Thunder put up a great fight. But the Lakers ultimately came out on top.

After that series, the Lakers trampled over every other team they faced. With each win, the Lakers seem to be getting better and better. They can almost smell the championship ring.

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