Why So Negative about Kobe’s Fifth Ring?

Everywhere I go, I hear Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan discussions. No, I don't hear about the Lakers NBA championship victory, Ron Artest's phenomenal Game 7, Kobe's 5th, or Phil's 11th. I just hear Jordan fans or Kobe haters attacking Kobe Bryant for no rational reason.

Why can't you just be happy for the guy?

He strongly opposes being compared with Jordan. He isn't as cocky and egotistical as the critics make him seem. Yes Kobe has only two Finals MVP and one regular season MVP award, and Mike has six Finals MVP and five MVP awards.

But look at it this way: If Kobe had come before Jordan, we would never have this discussion.

People always say that Jordan revolutionized the game like no other. Sure, he elevated it to new heights, but that doesn't necessarily make him the better player. Rings and awards have no factor. Neither do stats.

Back then, in case you didn't know, defense was much different. Zone defense, one of the most effective defenses in stopping players like Kobe, was illegal back then. Look at how demoralizing zone defense is to Los Angeles (like in the Suns/Lakers series in the 2010 Playoffs). Look at how in every series, on almost every play, Kobe is double/triple teamed.

Have you ever seen Jordan like that? If man-to-man defense was still a requirement, Kobe would score tons more points. So that eliminates the scoring factor. Who knows how much zone defense would have harassed Jordan.

Sure Kobe has won championships with huge stars on his team, like Shaq, Pau, Lamar, and Ron, but people act like Jordan did it alone. Scottie Pippen was always with Jordan during his championships. People act like Pippen was as bad as Smush Parker. Scottie was one of the best defenders in the league, and Jordan and Pippen were considered two of the best perimeter defenders of all time.

Pippen averaged 22 points per game, nine rebounds per game, three steals per g...

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