Why Phil Jackson Will Coach the New York Knicks Next Season

Phil Jackson’s longtime girlfriend and VP of the Los Angeles Lakers, Jeanne Buss, says she doesn’t know where Phil will coach next year, but she’s certain he will coach somewhere.


It is possible that unless the Lakers win the championship this year, he will coach the Knicks.


I know the Knicks already have a coach. Mike D'Antoni will be paid regardless, but with the Knicks going all in for two max contracts this offseason, why not go all the way and obtain the winningest coach too?


Now all bets are off if the Lakers win it all. Even Phil said he would have to give it another go if that happened. But assuming it doesn’t happen, there are literally millions of reasons why Phil could bolt LA.


Like, 12 million reasons.


Dr. Buss has already said that he doesn’t want to pay Jackson $12 million to coach next season. And he took a financial risk in agreeing to sign Lamar Odom, so if they don’t win it all, this is likely to be Phil’s last hurrah in la-la land.


Meanwhile, some misguided souls think he will land in Chicago. But with the ability to offer only one max contract, and that one contract not named LeBron, I don’t see Phil going someplace that he doesn’t have a great chance to win it all.


I can easily see Phil interested in chasing LeBron James. He coached Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, so it would seem only natural that his next target would be LeBron.


Likewise, I can just as easily see LeBron coming to New York to play. The Knicks can afford two max deals, so he and say, Chris Bosh would be a nice enticement for the Zen Master.


Keep in mind that Jackson has ties to the Knicks. He played there from 1967 – 1978, earning two NBA champio...

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