Why Nick Young Is Perfect for LA Lakers

Brace yourselves, everyone—Nick Young has arrived.

And he’s ready to take over Los Angeles on and off the court, both as a growing celebrity and a sharpshooter.

The Los Angeles Lakers play under some of the brightest and most pressing lights in all of sports. Oftentimes, that elevated intensity is simply overwhelming for some players—take Dwight Howard, for example. Others, though, thrive under that pounding pressure.

Young would fall under the latter category. He was sculpted for L.A.

The 6’7” forward—who also goes by the name “Swaggy P”—was exactly what the Lakers needed after Howard left for greener pastures this summer. They needed someone who’d shine on the red carpet as well as in the purple and gold, and who wasn’t afraid of big moments.

After bouncing around the league—he’s spent time with the Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers and Philadelphia 76ers—Young has put together a decent NBA resume. He’s totaled 11.3 points per game while shooting 42 percent from the field and about 37 percent from the three-point line.

But those numbers don’t tell his full story.

Young grew up in Los Angeles and played at the University of Southern California. As a kid, he idolized Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and—his new teammate—Kobe Bryant.

Both Young and (former Laker) Jordan Farmar, who have developed a friendship through AAU basketball growing up, took less money this summer in order to come to the Lakers.

“It was an easy decision,” Young told ESPN LA. “Who doesn’t want to play for the Lakers? Of course, I had to sit down and talk to my family and talk to my agent but I really felt like this was the best opportunity for me. Even though I had more money other places, I just felt like the chance to play in the...

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