Why Mr. Steve Blake Should Come Off the LA Lakers’ Bench

These last few weeks have been nothing but progression for the Lakers. The Lakers have young potential and now a veteran sharp shooter by the name of Steve Blake who can lead the Lakers secondary unit.

This is another brilliant move by Laker GM Mitch Kupchak. Once again Jerry Buss has made a brilliant and unselfish move to sign Blake as a Mid-level exception player and it will be worth every penny. 

Like I've said before, all the Lakers need is either a solid point guard who can run the the triangle offense or a sharp shooter. With Blake, the Lakers gained both.

People may laugh at this move by Kupchak but I can only praise it. The beauty of the Triangle Offense is that it does not require a "true" point guard.

As long as someone can keep possession of the ball and can create good looks for the other players, the Lakers don't need a "true" point guard.

Watching the Blazers in Oregon, I have seen Blake play multiple times. Trust me, it will be a picture perfect match, and here's why.

If Derek Fisher can provide 20-25 minuets as a starter and if Steve Blake is willing to come off the bench (which he should gladly do), this team is unbeatable. Fisher would provide his usual numbers and his defense and when he needs rest, Blake can come off the bench and continue what Fisher has been already doing.

Neither Blake nor Fisher would really be starting, it would all depend on the match up's that night. If you think about the potential for the Lakers off the bench, it's unreal.

Steve Blake at (PG), Lamar at (F), Devin Ebanks at (F), and either Kobe, Gasol, or Bynum could be in the game as well with these group of guys.

Somebody pinch me please.

It can't get much better than this.

The key is, Blake must come off the bench. Why?

Because Blake cannot defend the premiere point guards around the league. Players such as Chris...

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