Why Mike D’Antoni Will Make Lakers Fans Look Foolish for Doubting Him

When the Los Angeles Lakers fired Mike Brown, the head coaching spot was seemingly “Phil Jackson’s to lose,” according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard. 

As it turns out, Mike D’Antoni is now the man in Los Angeles, and if the organization’s dreams of a championship can come to fruition, he will make fans forget about any question marks they may have upon his arrival.


Why Down on D'Antoni?

While not everybody is upset by the hiring, the idea of bringing back the Hall of Fame coach who won the franchise so many championships sparked a sense of pure nostalgia for most fans. An entire fanbase began to reflect on the winning ways of the past, and it was clear that Jackson was the one the people wanted.

Jackson’s resume is clearly more impressive than D'Antoni's. Through 20 seasons of coaching, he has 11 NBA titles, a winning percentage of .704 and three separate three-peat championship runs. He would have been an easy choice in an already-familiar environment.

With the warm, fuzzy feelings of a reunion set aside, D’Antoni has a chance to win, and win big, if he can blend his style of coaching with the talent on the Lakers roster.

Fans may be skeptical at this point in the process, but the new coach should win over even the most cynical enthusiasts that L.A. has to offer.


Hybrid Offense Creates Early Opportunities

D’Antoni has run an up-tempo system throughout his career. “Seven Seconds or Less” is what he is known for, and this year’s Lakers squad will be expected to play at a much faster pace than they’ve run in the past.

Los Angeles has become notorious in recent seasons for getting into its sets slowly. The Lakers walk the ball up the court, set up their offense methodically, and by the time they’re on the attack, half of the shot clock h...

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