Why Kobe Bryant’s 19th NBA Season Will Be His Most Fascinating

We're only four games into the Los Angeles Lakers' 2014-15 campaign, but Kobe Bryant is quickly cementing his status as the league's most polarizing player once again. 

While questions regarding Kobe's return to form following Achilles and knee injuries figured to linger all season long, the narrative has quickly shifted following a series of unfortunate events. 

No longer is the Lakers' season filled with the promise of Julius Randle serving as Bryant's understudy and the two forming a bond that could span the old guard and a new generation. A fractured right tibia made sure of that. 

So what now? 

With uncertainty reigning supreme, Bryant and the Lakers are wandering into a dangerous realm of basketball purgatory asking plenty of questions and possessing few answers. 

Which means only one thing: This season is going to be defined by Kobe's quest to conquer adversity and transform what could very well be a lost season into a meaningful campaign. 

After facing a brutal opening week schedule that included matchups against the Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors, the Lakers find themselves sitting at 0-4. For a franchise that has a proven track record of sustained success, that mark represents a futile new low, according to ESPN Stats & Info: 

As a result, Bryant made some facetious remarks following the Lakers' 127-104 loss to the Warriors Saturday night, according to ESPN.com's Baxter Holmes:

It's only been four games, but frustration is already setting in and understandably so.

This means we may very well be treated to a vintage edition of Bryant who embraces a seek-and-destroy approach.  

In his 19th season, time isn't on Bryant's side. Patience is no longer a luxury he can afford, and the construction of the...

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