Why Kobe Bryant Will Win The 2010-11 MVP Award

Last season, LeBron James ran away with the MVP award. It got to the point where analysts weren't debating who the MVP was, but rather if voters would unanimously pick James.

LeBron wasn't unanimously voted in as the MVP, but he was rather close (something like 116 of 123 votes in favor of James). 

As every fan knows, James decided that winning a championship in Cleveland was impossible, so he jumped ship for Miami, where he will join forces with Chris Bosh and hometown favorite Dwayne Wade. Everyone knows that this is D-Wade's team, especially after Flash brought a championship to Miami in 2006.

How will LeBron take a back seat to Wade when he's been "the man" for seven years now?

That isn't even the most problematic question facing the Heat next season. How will LeBron and Wade share the ball, as both are most effective dominating the ball? Who will take the last shot at the end of the game? How will Miami take criticism after having all their losses scrutinized by fans and analyst alike? These are some questions that LeBron and the Heat will face all season. 

Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers will not be facing these type of questions, as they have already proven to be championship worthy.

The Lakers have won the last two championships and hope to three-peat, as this is most likely Phil Jackson's final year of coaching. Mitch Kupchak, Lakers general manager, has done a splendid job in acquiring veteran talent that should help L.A. in their quest for third straight title.

This Lakers team is ready for any challenge ahead, and that includes the very shiny Miami Heat. 

A lot of analysts believe that with Lebron's departure from Cleveland, the MVP race will now be wide open. While that is somewhat true, I only believe the race comes down to either Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant.

Durant had individual and team success last season, as the OKC Thunder...

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