Why Kobe Bryant May Be the Biggest Winner in Free Agency

Calm down Los Angeles Lakers fans, Kobe Bryant has not discovered some secret loop hole in his contract to opt out of his contract, nor have there been any reports that Kobe is trying to renegotiate his current contract in which he is scheduled to make nearly $25 million dollars next year.

While Kobe is not angling to get more money from the Lakers, Bryant may end up being the biggest winner at the end of this year’s free agency signing period.

Kobe has won five NBA titles and when you have more money than your children, grand children and great grand children can spend you only push yourself as hard as Bryant does in the off-season to cement your legacy within the game.

Bryant at this stage in his career is only playing for his place among the legends of Basketball.

Bryant is playing to make his statement that he is among the very best to have ever played the game.

Some of Kobe’s fans and supporters believe that given what Bryant has already accomplished in the NBA that considering Bryant to be the best player to ever play the game is a legitimate conversation.

Jerry West, the NBA logo, has already gone on record to say that in his mind that Bryant is the best Los Angeles Lakers player in history. 

Many however feel that Kobe will never be in the same conversation with Michael Jordan.

Kobe’s detractors know the refrain – the number of championships won by Bryant while important is not the end of the argument as to which player is the best ever otherwise Robert Horry and his seven championship rings would have to be in the conversation as one the best players to ever play the game.

Arguing that Horry is among the all-time greats to have ever played the game is a clear example of how over reliance on a number can lead you astray.

Kobe’s detractors will also point out that the first three championships won by Kobe w...

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