Why Kobe Bryant = LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh

These past few weeks have been extremely intense,  with rumours flooding the television and newspapers about a possible Lebron James, and Chris Bosh going to the  Miami Heat.

Well the rumours came true and Lebron James and Chris Bosh signed with the Heat this past week. They teamed up with NBA star Dwayne Wade in search of a NBA championship.

What does this say about Kobe Bryant. It says a lot! If I was Kobe Bryant, I would have my head up high, with my hands in the air, starring into the sun with my glasses and saying,"That's what it takes to try and defeat me".

Kobe Bryant has won 5 championship titles. What else can I say. The frustration of Lebron James and Chris Bosh must be at its highest peak. I believe that these three individuals got together and discussed how they can defeat the Los Angeles Lakers.

But the pressure is still on Lebron James and his sidekicks to deliver success in Miami. God knows if they sink in 2011, the finger will be pointed at Lebron James and company.

You see, Kobe Bryant creates players, it never was a concern who he played with. Kobe Bryant lost the spotlight for a while when Lebron James came in to the league.

Nonetheless, Kobe Bryant stayed quite and collected MVP trophies and NBA championships the whole way through.

Furthermore, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh may be on the same team, but at the end of the day, there's only one person who will shoot the ball into the net.

Kobe Bryant, needs only himself. Shooting like a magician over players that are six foot six on average, he hits nothing but net.

Moving on, if Kobe Bryant loses a game, he respects the loss and learns from it. You won't see him run into the dressing room and throw his NBA jersey onto the floor. But in contrast we have seen Mr. Lebron James cry into the dressing room throwing his jersey away.

Kobe Bryant is a legend, a man of...

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