Why Kobe Bryant Has Superior MVP Case over LeBron James and Kevin Durant

After Wednesday night’s performance, many people have all but handed the league’s MVP award to Miami Heat superstar LeBron James.

Why not? He’s certainly having a tremendous season. James is third in the NBA in scoring at 26.9 PPG and is also averaging 8.1 RPG and 6.5 APG. He’s put together one of the best statistical seasons in recent memory.

If LeBron isn’t your guy, then Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant must be. He’s second in the NBA in scoring averaging 27.6 PPG to go along with 8.1 RPG and 3.5 APG, in the process leading the Thunder to the Western Conference’s best record.

For weeks now it’s been assumed that the MVP race is a two-horse race between James and Durant, but aren’t we forgetting about someone?

The season that Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is putting together is just as impressive as anything that the other two stars have done this season, and that’s not diminishing the accomplishments of LeBron or Durant in any way.

Truthfully, Kobe shouldn’t just be in the conversation for MVP—he should be leading the discussion.

First, the numbers are most definitely there.

He’s the NBA’s leading scorer at 28.1 PPG and is also pulling down 5.5 RPG and dishing out 4.6 APG. Not bad for a guy that was supposed to be slowing down this season, his 16th in the league.

It’s not just the numbers, but how Bryant has gone about getting them.

He’s played through pain, tearing ligaments in his wrist during the preseason and suffering a nasal fracture during the All-Star game. None of that has slowed Bryant down.

Bryant also has the Lakers leading the Pacific Division, holding a firm grip on the No. 3 seed in the west with a 35-20 record.

Yet look at the Lakers compared to the Heat or Thunder, who are much deeper and talented teams....

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