Why It’s Too Early for LA Lakers to Give Up on Mike D’Antoni

The Los Angeles Lakers are 25-28 early in February, good enough to be the 10th-best team in the Western Conference. The Purple and Gold have not looked like the seasoned, championship-caliber team that L.A. fans have gotten used to at any point this season.

Still, midseason struggles do not yet warrant another coaching change. I believe that Mike D'Antoni's job should be safe, at least for the remainder of this season. 

Changes are soon coming for L.A.'s more storied franchise as it slips further into the shadow of "Lob City." But D'Antoni should get to see this one through.

Here's why:

This Lakers team has not gotten it it together yet because of injuries, lack of depth and media that are hyper-critical of every win and loss. 

Phil Jackson could not have foreseen or prevented the myriad injuries that have plagued the Lakers during their 2012-13 campaign. Three of five main Lakers starters have spent so much time out with injury—we're talking about a combined 47 missed games between Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol—to the point where the team hasn't ever looked the same from night to night. 

D'Antoni has been the coach for 48 of the team's 53 games this year, owning a record of 24-24. Coach D has only been the coach of this team for half of one season. 

Factor in the Lakers' lack of depth—created by front office plans to create a super lineup—and D'Antoni's Lakers resume improves. If you think this is invalid, I invite you to consider the Lakers' 12-man roster. Names include Chris Duhon, Darius Morris, Devin Ebanks and Robert Sacre. The bench weapons at Mike D'Antoni's disposal are some of the least reliable in the league. 

On the flip side, the injuries to star players may provide D'Antoni with a chance to earn his stripes as the team's head coach and leader. 

His offensive schemes are not well suited f...

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