Why I Still Believe in This Los Angeles Lakers Team

I still believe in this Los Angeles Lakers team, largely because we still haven't seen "this" Lakers team play together yet.

The team that went winless in preseason and looked horrible doing it?

That team was coached by Mike Brown and didn't have Dwight Howard.

The team that's stumbled out to a comfortably sub-.500 record with embarrassing losses to the Magic and Cavaliers of the world? The no-defense-playin', free-throw-brickin', old, slow, turnover machine of a team that is currently on the outside of the Western Conference playoff picture looking in?

That team is playing without its first- and second-team point guards, has never had its world-class power forward at full health and is adjusting to a new coach in Mike D'Antoni, who has had neither a training camp nor a full-strength regular season to get to know his group.

The mention of the Lakers' PG injury troubles is Smug Laker Hater's cue to bound out of his hate throne and bellow, "You think Steve Nash is going to help your defense?!!!"

To which I respond, "Yeah." I think Steve Nash is going to help the Lakers' defense.

It's not like the Lakers signed him to play middle linebacker—basketball is a two-way game. And right now, the Lakers' offense is one of the biggest problems with the Lakers' defense.

They're one of the worst turnover teams in basketball, and that's leading to fast-break and early-offense buckets for the opposition. A lot of the blame for the turnover issues falls on the current PG tandem of Chris Duhon and Darius Morris, which just might be the worst in the NBA.

Duhon should be at the end of the bench playing garbage-time minutes and providing a solid, veteran locker-room presence. Morris should be in the D-League honing his decision making and ball security—aka learning to be an NBA PG.

Instead, they're both playing major minutes for a supposed NBA title ...

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