Why I Hate Kobe Bryant and The Lakers Win The Finals

Kobe Bean Bryant. What does this name represent to you?

"The Black Mamba", the "Greatest of All-Time", "Mr. 81 Points"? These are all names that have been beckoned with this man born in the original capital of this country: Philadelphia.

So how can a man who was born in the city of brotherly love feel like the devil in waiting to me? Let me explain...Before I delve into my reasoning I would like to express that today I do not like Kobe Bryant. I used to be a fan of Kobe; He was one of my favorite players, and I fully supported him in all of his endeavors. As of today, he is the fly that cannot be swat, the drink that is slightly too hot and the fire that is never put out.   

My first memories of the NBA, or basketball for that matter were of Magic Johnson and the L.A. Lakers making their 1991 Finals run. It made me a Lakers fan then and there watching the Lakers get trounced viciously and decisively by the young and rampant Chicago Bulls.

From then on, as Magic retired due to HIV and the Lakers moved through their years of cultivating young talent, (Nick Van Exel, Eddie Jones, Elden Campbell, Vlade Divac) I became somewhat perplexed that this team that had been great for so long before me had taken on dire times.

Next came along the awaited 1996 NBA Draft. The Lakers with Shaquille O'Neal coming aboard made an unheard of decision (which at the time made perfect sense seeing that they already had Eleden Campbell to back up Shaq) and traded a proven center in Vlade Divac away for the 13th pick. In turn they received this brash, high school kid from the Charlotte Hornets. A sense of optimism was brewing.

Now I was just entering my teenage years, but I as the rest of the kids around my age could see, there was something special in this kid. He was only 18, but had the moves and style of a veteran pole dancer. He showed signs of greatness with every 360 dunk and spin as Chick Hearn or Bob C...

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