Why I Don’t Want LeBron in Purple and Gold Next Year

No. I simply don't want LeBron in a Lakers jersey next year. No I'm not high or drunk, I don't smoke weed or drink beer.

I would just hate the idea of LeBron James in a Lakers uniform.

As a life-long Laker fan, you'd think I want a Hall of Fame caliber superstar on my team, but I'm completely against it. Call me crazy, but read my whole article first.

For the sake of the Lakers franchise, this would be an incredibly stupid move. Why? You can't have two alpha males on one team. Look at Kobe and Shaq. Sure they won 3 championships, despite their differences.

After those NBA Finals wins and appearances, the Franchise completely collapsed. Heck, the second-best player on the team was Smush Parker!

The difference with Kobe and Shaq / LeBron and Kobe, is that LeBron is already a superstar. Kobe Bryant was a young kid out of high school when he joined Los Angeles.

O'Neal and Bryant worked for some time, because Kobe didn't realize his gigantic potential.

Another reason I don't want LeBron, is because of this "Rivalry". I'm often teased about how The Cavs have gotten the best of the Lakers many times by my friends who are Cav fans. I've developed a strong unconditional dislike of LeBron through these years.

I've recovered from the grudge I had against Kobe and Shaq for breaking up this fantastic dream-team. The disdain of the older generation of The Lakers Nation against the Boston Celtics is the same for the new generation, but against Cleveland.

How would other LA fans like it if Kevin Garnett was being traded for Kobe Bryant?

LeBron in Los Angeles is a disaster for the business as well. People will have to choose which one to buy, the No. 23 or No. 24 jersey. LeBron may steal the spotlight off of Kobe, who we all know feeds off the glory, and has a deep hunger for it.

There will be no competition. As much a...

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