Who’s Better on Twitter, Kobe Bryant or Metta World Peace?

On the court, it’s no contest. Kobe Bryant is far and away better than Metta World Peace, even with one Achilles tendon (okay, that’s pushing it a little).

But when it comes to Twitter, the mad ball of craziness that fuels World Peace has a perfect platform on which to outshine the more somber Bryant.

In fact, Metta was even named Best Athlete on Twitter at the second annual TradioV Un-verified Twitter Awards (I didn’t just make that up. No, really.)

So being crowned the most Twitter-tastic athlete on the interwebs has to mean that World Peace is a better tweeter than Bryant, right?

Well, not so fast.

I follow very few athletes on Twitter, but I do happen to follow both Kobe and Metta, and find them both to be enjoyable follows.

Let’s be clear: Twitter consumption is a personal and subjective matter (which is probably why the aforementioned awards puts the “Un-verified” right in the title). What appeals to me may not appeal to you.

And both World Peace and Bryant are pretty appealing. Yet, when forced to choose between the two, I enjoy Bryant’s musings more.

They are harder to come by, though. Days can go by without any new material from the Black Mamba, but he’s consistently solid and runs the gamut in terms of mood and tone.

Bryant can be serious, self-reflective, inspirational, jovial and comical. He keeps his tweets pretty balanced between all genres.

World Peace on the other hand, is exactly what you’d expect. He’s impulsive, ridiculous and a bit on the nutty side. He’s certainly not shy about speaking his mind...or using exclamation marks.

That’s where I have to knock Metta a little. All that excitement (a lot of it reserved for things that aren’t remotely exciting) is a bit over the top. And I don’t like my Twitter feed to be...

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