WHOA Lakers’ Fans, the Victory Parade Has Yet to Begin

I admit, as a Lakers fan, it's hard not to be excited right now. After all, our "Lake Show" just dominated the hated Celtics in Game 1—in virtually every phase of the game.

Pau Gasol made Kevin Garnett look as if he was about as old and stale as one of the late great Red Aurbach's cigars. Anyone who thinks that Pau isn't on a mission to prove his toughness and dominate Garnett, isn't paying attention. Then again, Garnett made himself look fairly pathetic, even missing successive "2-inch" shots late in the game.

Ron Artest, including the use of an opening WWE maneuver that would have made my former neighbor, Randy "The Legend Killer" Orton proud, bottled-up Paul "The Actress" Pierce pretty much all game. Pierce, when he's not feigning being felonious assaulted, is an excellent offensive player and no one will shut him completely down, but Ron-Ron kept him frustrated and from going off with a string of big shots.

Meanwhile, Kobe, with help from his friends, turned Rondo into an "airborne baseline thinker". The good news for the Lakers was that many, if not most, of the decisions that Rondo made while airborne, collapsed-upon, and faux collapsed-upon by the Lakers "Bigs" were the wrong ones. And even some of the right ones were poorly executed either by Rondo or his targets.



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