Who Should Shut Up, Kobe or Lakers Fans?

For those living under a rock, things aren't going so well for Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. They have started the 2012-13 season with a pair of disappointing losses, and demands for Mike Brown to be fired have already begun to echo throughout Staples Center.

Well, it's time to put a sock in it, according to Mr. Bryant. 

His specific quote went like this:

"The critics are more likely to take runs at him (Coach Brown) than they would at Phil Jackson...So I'll say it for him: Everybody shut up. Let us work."

Bryant has earned the right to call out the fans on this one. He's endured mass amounts of criticism, including cries for him to pass more followed by demands for him to take over and score.

Last year, the fanbase was upset that there wasn't enough talent in the backcourt. The Lakers brought in Steve Nash, and after just two games, the fans want to set fire to the system?

Looking at the Lakers objectively reveals one undeniable truth: the team hasn't had enough time to work together. Dwight Howard was healthy enough to play in just one preseason contest. Kobe Bryant is nursing a foot injury that had him visibly grimacing at the end of the game against the Portland Trail Blazers on Halloween night.

Installing a new offense takes time, and growing pains are a natural progression. Each player on the court has to fight their individual tendencies and let their instincts take over until the new offense becomes second nature.

There simply hasn't been enough time to make that happen in Los Angeles. 

For the panicking fans who are calling for Mike Brown to be fired, ask yourself a question: If your boss came in and told you there was a new way to do your job, would you immediately adapt? Of course not.

Bryant elaborated on that fact here:

"They say, 'Well, let Steve [Nash] dribble the ball around and ...

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