Who Doesn’t Want to Play for the Lakers?

Los Angeles is one of the greatest cities in the United States. Who doesn't love good weather and stars (people not the stuff you see in skies)? That is an unbeatable combination and the reason why LA is so overly populated. The traffic down there is crazy and I thought D.C. was bad. 

LA loves there sport franchises and the Lakers are at the top of the list (sorry Dodger fans). Who doesn't want to play for the Lakers? Free Agents flock to LA and if the Lakers are calling, players are usually listening. Playing in Los Angeles helps your career on and off the court, where as small market teams can't give you both options. 

If you're a great player, it won't really matter where you play but larger market teams like LA, help nevertheless. Star players would love to play in LA, and why not, but not everyone is a star player. Every role player would think long and hard about playing with the Lakers, even if the contract isn't to the individual's liking. We resigned Shannon Brown and acquired Steve Blake, even though both had larger contract proposals else where. The same with both Lamar Odom and Matt Barnes, two veterans who had larger offers elsewhere. 

Here are reasons why LA is a prime destination for star and role players alike. 

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