Which Los Angeles Lakers Have the Best Chance of Being Re-Signed Next Season?

Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Kendall Marshall, Robert Sacre and (possibly, not probably) Nick Young are the only Lakers with salaries in place for next season.

As Chris Kaman ponders his overall place in the cosmos, we ponder the fates of the rest of Lakers rag-tag roster of expiring contracts and whether or not the Lakers can find use for them in 2014-15, and beyond.

Much work needs to be done this offseason and beyond for the Lakers to get back to NBA-royalty status, and they have plenty of room on the roster with their multitude of one-year and expiring contracts.

The cap space is being cleared out to attract free agents to the bright lights of Los Angeles, but the Lakers can't go through another season of signing players to audition contracts and expect to have any semblance of stability. Mitch Kupchak and company would be wise to re-sign at least a couple of the more promising players from this season before they go shopping elsewhere.


This article ranks the current Lakers who could provide the greatest value if they were re-signed next season for realistic numbers. So unless Pau Gasol wants to take a massive salary cut to stay in Los Angeles, he won't fare well on this list.

Clearly, not everyone who's contract is expiring will be re-signed, and its likely less than half will don the purple and gold again in their careers.

That being said, this list examines each player through their potential contributions to the team, but isn't necessarily a vote of confidence they will be re-signed. In the Lakers current logically ambiguous state of affairs, it is possible none of the expiring players could stay and perhaps have been auditioning for the other 29 teams this season.

Also, for the purpose of this article, only players who aren't under contract for next season in any way are included. That excludes the aforementioned Marshall and Young, who have a team-opti...

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