Which LA Lakers Star Will Sell the Most Jerseys in 2012-13?

The Los Angeles Lakers made the biggest splash in the NBA this offseason. Trading for Dwight Howard and signing Steve Nash means No. 12 and No. 10 Lakers jerseys will be showing up around the world.

Kobe Bryant has had the top-selling jersey for six out of the previous 12 seasons in the NBA. Now, he has some serious competition for the top-selling jersey on his own team.

Let's take a look how each prominent member of the Lakers will fare among his teammates in jersey sales.

Bench play has been a big problem for the Lakers the past few seasons. Antawn Jamison will fix that problem by offering veteran leadership and as someone who can create offensively. However, no matter how big of an impact he makes, it's doubtful we will be seeing a lot of Jamison jerseys outside L.A. this season. Probably not too many jerseys inside L.A. either.

Metta World Peace will benefit greatly with the new additions. He will be able to make a big impact with this new lineup as the fifth option. World Peace should get plenty of open looks from downtown. As long as his three-point attempts line drive through the hoop while he brings it defensively each night, World Peace should have a good season.

World Peace would have had a better shot as top jersey seller last year as his name change would have spiked jersey sales. This year however, the only way his jersey is top seller is if he buys all of his jerseys himself.

Pau Gasol could see a spike in jersey sales this year. He is coming off a stellar Olympic performance and will benefit by having Howard alongside him in the post. Gasol is in line for a successful season.

Gasol was ranked 11th internationally in top-selling jersey sales last season. A good start to the season will allow him to climb higher on that list.

No matter how many Gasol jerseys end up selling it won't be more than the next three guys.

Bryant, whose jersey can be seen ...

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