Which LA Lakers Big Has Best Opportunity in 2014-15?

Each member of the Los Angeles Lakers frontcourt enters the 2014-15 NBA season with something to prove.

Veteran Carlos Boozer has to show he still has fuel left in his tank. Former lottery picks Ed Davis and Jordan Hill are out to prove they have more talent than what they've been able to showcase so far in their careers. Rookie Julius Randle carries the massive burden of being the franchise's highest draft pick (seventh overall) since 1982.

There are so many narratives to follow but only so many minutes to flesh each one out. And, interesting though each angle might be, head coach Byron Scott isn't going to base his rotation around giving each storyline equal opportunity to play out.

One of these bigs will be served a larger piece of the pie than the others. And that player will not—or, at the very least, should not—be Boozer.

With 12 seasons already on his odometer, the former All-Star's offense is dissolving. His defense disappeared a few years back. As much as the sports world likes comeback stories, Boozer's isn't worth telling for a franchise that needs to be focused on its future.

So, that tightens the spotlight around Hill (27 years old), Davis (25) and Randle (19). Despite Hill's age and fairly forgettable track record, he cannot be dismissed when looking at this team's plans for both today and tomorrow.


Jordan Hill: High Basement, Low Ceiling

According to Hill's resume, this will already be his sixth season in the league.

In a lot of ways, though, it feels like a new beginning. The wardrobe changes that defined the start of his career (three teams in three years) have ceased, but he's still waiting for a workload and a system to give him his first true shot at success.

He spent most of the past two years trying to fit his interior game with former Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni's perimeter-based scheme. While H...

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