Where the Los Angeles Lakers Should Spend Their Money in 2015 NBA Free Agency

A long summer looms, and the Los Angeles Lakers will continue to soldier ahead, rebuilding a fallen empire that once celebrated its seasons with champagne showers.

There is much work to be done, and for a team that has often swung for the fences and landed superstars, there is a central question—whether to spend big or spend smart as a roster is reconstructed.

During his recent exit interview, Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak spoke about the difference between investing in quick-fix solutions and long-term improvement.

“We're not going to use our cap room just to use cap room and maybe improve…20 games,” Kupchak said, per Lakers.com. “You work hard to create a future, whether it’s with draft picks or the opportunity to make a trade or free-agent dollars, and you don’t want to give it away just because you have it.”

In other words, one splashy purchase can move the needle significantly, but three or four wiser decisions will get you closer to the ultimate goal line.


The case for spending big

Despite his pragmatism, Kupchak did acknowledge the possibility of going after a major tent-pole piece when he said, “We have the ability to recruit and sign at least one max player this summer.”

That would have to be someone young enough to provide value for years to come. One such case is the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love, who was lost for the remainder of the postseason after shoulder surgery that will take from four to six months to fully heal.

Love has consistently maintained that he doesn’t plan on opting out of the final year on his contract with the Cavaliers this summer, but that hasn’t stopped the “what if” rumors.

Sean Deveney of Sporting News recently wrote: “If Love does leave the Cavs this year, he&r...

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