Where Does Derek Fisher Stand Among History’s Greatest LA Lakers?

Los Angeles Lakers' point guard Derek Fisher will never be confused for Magic Johnson despite the fact they both play the same position and hold the same number of NBA championships.

Magic is considered to be not only one of the greatest Lakers of all time, but also arguably one of the best talents to ever grace the NBA hardwood.

Fisher's abilities pale in comparison to Magic's, and he will never be able to capture the public's imagination in the manner that Magic did, but Fisher has managed to carve out his own place in Lakers' lore.

Fisher's 9.0 points per game and 40 percent shooting from the field through the course of his career will never hold anyone in awe, but within those numbers are moments that have made Fisher a legend.

What Lakers' fan will ever forget Fisher's return from a foot injury just before the 2001 playoffs, and the 51 percent shooting percentage from three-point range on the way to his second championship?

How about Fisher's dramatic heave with 0.4 seconds left on the clock against San Antonio in 2004? That shot didn't lead to a championship for the Lakers, but it did help them reach the Finals that year.

Kobe Bryant may have won the Finals MVP award in 2009, but it was a three-point shot from Fisher that sent the critical Game Four against Orlando into overtime, and it was another one in the extra period that put the game out of reach.

Last season with the Lakers facing the prospect of going down 2-1 to the Boston Celtics on the road in the NBA Finals, Fisher once again emerged to save the day in what may have been the Lakers' most important game of the Finals.

Most people will never forget the tense Game Seven contest that clinched the championship for the Lakers, but if it were not for Fisher's heroics in the fourth quarter of Game Three, then Game Seven may not have taken place.

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