What Will Byron Scott’s Coaching Staff Look Like for Lakers?

It took the Los Angeles Lakers three long months to name their new head coach, but the final result was hardly a surprise. As long expected, Byron Scott is the team’s new sideline leader.

ESPN's Ramona Shelburne was the first to report the news on Saturday:

Now it’s time to get down to work, and that means putting together a coaching staff. The Lakers have already gone through the NBA draft, free agency and Las Vegas Summer League. And while fall training camp may still seem far off, the time will pass quickly—some of the players are already working out at the team’s El Segundo training facilities.

A coach’s support staff is like a spider web of essential lifelines, including player development assistants, advance scouts, training staff and the all-important assistant coaches who often have particular areas of focus.

League rules mandate that there can be no more than three assistant coaches alongside their boss on the bench’s front row, plus an athletic trainer. For the Lakers, that trainer is Gary Vitti, now entering his 30th season with the organization. Other assistants and bench personnel sit in the second row.

What will that all-important coaching staff look like?

“Scott plans to have four assistant coaches, according to a league source familiar with his thought process,” wrote Mark Medina recently for the Los Angeles Daily News. “But the source maintained Scott has kept an open mind on candidates.”

Four assistants isn’t considered a large number in today’s NBA, but Scott will also have a guy named Kobe Bryant who will serve as his main voice of conscience.

Per Shelburne for ESPN LA, Scott spoke late Sunday about the importance of defense, discipline and Laker pride, and how Bryant will be key to getting the message across:

You always need one of those type...

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