What the Experts Are Saying About LA Lakers’ Nightmare Season

With the way the Los Angeles Lakers' 2012-13 NBA season has unfolded to this point, they may be wishing the world will end on Dec. 21 just to put a stop to the madness of their frustrating season.

Experts throughout the NBA community have weighed in with their view on the ongoing debacle. Although banter has been mostly negative to reflect the Lakers’ struggles, there are some silver linings for Lakers fans to cling to.

The Lakers' 1-4 start to the season led to the firing of head coach Mike Brown (which surprised very few). New hire Mike D’Antoni hasn’t been much help, as the Lakers stand with a 12-14 record as December draws to a close. The only Western Conference teams that have been worse than the Lakers thus far are the Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Hornets.

For the Lakers, it hasn’t just been about losing, but looking terrible in those losses. Marks in the "L" column this season include bad losses to Dallas, Cleveland, Sacramento, Indiana, Orlando and Portland. That’s not to mention the fact that the Lakers looked terrible in wins against the Washington Wizards and Charlotte Bobcats. Those two teams have a combined 10 wins on the season, and the Lakers managed to beat those teams by seven points combined.

In professional basketball, a win is a win. Whether you win by 30 points or by a game-winning shot at the buzzer, the result is the same. However, this revamped Lakers roster was expected to blow out good teams. So far they've barely beaten and lost to cellar-dwellers.

The Lakers have problems in a lot of areas, but the primary issue is with the defense.

On Dec. 17, NBA.com’s David Aldridge wrote an article chronicling the Lakers all-around struggles, but focused on the team’s porous defense as the major problem.

The Lakers' issue, against the league's elite, anyway, is their horrible defense.

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