What Should Los Angeles Lakers Fans Expect from Byron Scott?

Twiddle your thumbs no more: The Los Angeles Lakers have hired Byron Scott to be their next head coach.

ESPN.com's Ramona Shelburne brings word of the actual hire:

Chris Broussard of ESPN The Magazine first reported that the Lakers offered Scott the job. 

This decision comes as a surprise to, well, absolutely no one. The move ends a months-long dance between the Lakers and Scott, who interviewed with the team numerous times. Their decision to hire him and his decision to accept their offer have long been considered formalities.

Now that all of this is for real, the Lakers and their fans can begin thinking about more important things.

Like what Scott's installment means for this team.


Not-So-Much Offense

After slogging through a little over one year of Mike Brown's pace-sapping offense and nearly two years of Mike D'Antoni's run-and-gun system, the Lakers have something of a happy medium in Scott.

Well, let's not say happy. Scott's offenses aren't known for being potent, but the root of what he preaches has similarities to D'Antoni's philosophy.

Like Magic Mike, he prefers to build his attacks around point guards, using a steady dose of pick-and-rolls and drive-and-kicks. While with his most recent employer, the Cleveland Cavaliers, pick-and-rolls accounted for 20.7 percent of offensive plays on average, per Synergy Sports (subscription required). Spot-up opportunities checked in at a similar 19.7 percent.

Almost 44 percent of the Lakers' total offensive possessions ending in a field-goal attempt utilized pick-and-rolls and standstill shots last season, so there's not much of a difference. Much of their focus will remain the same, which bodes well for Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash (assuming he's healthy) and any other point guard who thrives with the ball in his hands.

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