What Makes Me Happy . . . What Makes Me Sick


Thinking about the world of sports and what it has become and what it truly is, compelled me to share "What Makes Me Happy and What Makes Me Sick ," as it relates to sports:  

Happy : Kobe Bryant with the ball in his hands and with a few seconds left on the clock and the game on the line.
Sick : Hearing that Kobe Bryant is a ball hog.

Happy : Brett Farve and the Vikings executing their offense last year, particularly when he throws he most ridiculous pass (40 year old or not) to the back of the end zone to rob a win from the 49er’s.
Sick : Never ending banter about whether or not Farve will come back for another season.

Happy :  Boise State pulling the statue of liberty play to beat Oklahoma in the BCS Orange Bowl.
Sick : Complaints that non-BCS teams don’t belong, or that playoff system should be adopted.

Happy : Opening day of March Madness, tons of close games (Villanova, Texas and Tennessee)and some upsets (Ohio, Old Dominion, Washington, Saint Mary’s and Nothern Iowa).
Sick: Cries that the tournament needs to be expanded…yuck!

Happy : College Game Day at 7am and an obscene amount of college football all day on Saturdays.
Sick : Refer back to BCS comments above.

Happy : Angels beating the Yankees.
Sick : The Yankees.

Happy : Watching a soccer game at an English pub.
Sick : Watching soccer anywhere else.

Happy :  Arte Moreno and the Rooney’s.
Sick : The McCourts and Dan Synder.

Happy :  Andrew Bynun putting up twenty.
Sick : Constant questions on why Bynun is not Shaq, Kareem, Wilt, Russell and the list goes on and on.

Happy : A Clipper win (they happen from time to time).
Sick : Sterling, blaming “a curse”, Benoit Benjamin, the uniforms, the name and the list goes on and on.

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