What Is Los Angeles Lakers’ Ideal Starting Lineup?

Picking a starting lineup is always fraught with risk—especially when you’ve got a new coach, several new players and a training camp that is still months away.

In fact, Byron Scott will probably work through a whole bunch of rotations before he finally finds an ideal combination, and that’s not even considering possible bugaboos like injuries—last season’s constant companion for the Los Angeles Lakers.

But we can’t be bothered with such disclaimers; it’s time to do some choosing!

First, remember that we’re not trying to guess what the starting lineup will look like on opening night, but instead perhaps an illusive semblance of idealism at an undetermined point along the way.


Starting point guard: Jeremy Lin

There’s a good chance Steve Nash will be in the starting lineup on opening night. In talking with Mike Trudell of Lakers.com, trainer Gary Vitti said Nash has been playing unrestricted soccer this summer and is 100 percent healthy. But there’s no certainty with chronic injuries, and at age 40, it’s time for Nash to pass the starting baton.

The Lakers' ideal starting point guard this season will be Jeremy Lin.

Lin enjoyed dizzying heights of fame with the New York Knicks and searched for an identity with the Houston Rockets. Now it’s time to find his true home. The 6’3” guard is at his best with the rock in his hands, creating and driving to the basket in an open-floor system. He’ll have to adapt with the Lakers, facilitating more for others and learning to slow the pace down in order to best maximize opportunities for Kobe Bryant—still the team’s cornerstone.

Lin can do it, and he’ll have some help. During his introductory press conference, per Lakers.com, he spoke about learning from one of the best in Nash: “Now I have thi...

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