What Is David Stern Thinking Nixing the Chris Paul Deal?

First the lockout, now this.

Like in 2010, the 2012 free agency/trading market is one that will see many faces in new places.

Trade-ables include Monta Ellis, Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard, and, of course, Chris Paul.

Then came the deal.

In a three-team swap, the Rockets, Lakers and Hornets agreed on a trade that would send Pau Gasol to the Rockets, Lamar Odom and Kevin Martin to the Hornets, and Chris Paul to the Lakers.

It's your everyday, block-buster deal. Right?

Well, block-buster deals are apparently off-limits.

David Stern decided it was necessary to nix the deal due to "basketball reasons."

He is leaving us with questions that will probably not be answered and hurting the NBA.

That's right. After a lockout that ended just recently with weeks of games cancelled, David Stern is once again hurting the NBA.

When LeBron took his talents to South Beach, NBA fans went into chaos. Not only did it result in higher T.V. ratings, but it resulted in jersey sales, tickets being sold and new-found hope in a Miami team that was starting to break-down.

What's not to like?

Sure, Cleveland was devastated, but that's what the lottery is for.

Also, the Rockets and Hornets will benefit from this deal as well.

The Rockets have now more than replaced Yao Ming, and the Hornets have received a savvy, veteran big-man (Lamar Odom) and a shooting guard on the brink of super-stardom (Kevin Martin).

So, where this hurts anybody, I fail to see. Which brings me back to this question:

What is David Stern thinking?

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