Vanessa Bryant Ring: Expensive Jewelry Not Enough to Keep Kobe’s Family Together

In the latest example of money failing to busy happiness, I present to you the impending divorce between Kobe Bryant and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Vanessa. The Los Angeles Lakers star's turbulent marriage is set to come to an end soon after the calendar turns to 2012.

Vanessa figures to get quite a bit out of the settlement, and not just the $4 million ring that the Black Mamba bought her just days after he was charged with sexual assault in 2003. According to TMZ, Kobe never had Vanessa sign a prenuptial agreement before they were married in April of 2001, which means she'll get half of Kobe's earnings to date.

Which, by CNBC sports business expert Darren Rovell's calculations, will leave her with enough to buy herself 45 of those eight-carat purple diamond rings.

Even with what's left, chances are, Kobe won't be buying any $4 million rings for anyone for quite a while.

Unless, of course, he tries to win (read: buy) Vanessa's love back. Thanks to California state law, he'll have six months to do just that.

All indications are that Kobe is none to pleased with the prospect of seeing his wife of more than 10 years and the mother of his two children to walk away, irrespective of the mega millions she'll have stuffed in her purse. The Mamba may have only his own philandering to blame for his current predicament, but don't expect someone of his grit and determination to let his woman go without one more last-ditch effort to keep her around.

From a purely (and crudely) financial perspective, it makes perfect sense for Bryant to try to make amends. Even if it costs him $10 million to keep Vanessa by his side, that's still a savings of $170 million compared to what he'd lose in divorce.

At that price, he might as well find out how much it'd cost to put the Hope diamond on Vanessa's finger.

Ultimately, though, don't expect Vanessa to come crawling back to Kobe, mightily as he may try t...

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