Vanessa Bryant: Kobe Bryant Infidelity Rumors Get Stranger and Stranger

If you want to get the full story behind Kobe Bryant, his alleged indiscretions and the amount Vanessa Bryant deems acceptable, you are going to have to leave logic at the door. 

December has hit Lakers fans with more to think about than a David Lynch film. The front office is sending reigning sixth men to bitter rivals for free, and trades are collapsing all over the place.

The conundrums don't stop there. They also extend far beyond the locker rooms and into the bedrooms and alleged hotel rooms that Kobe Bryant keeps. 

The Lakers star is headed to a divorce that won't be described as bitter so much as it will be painted as bizarre. Nothing stacks up, and everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt. 

We have been hit with assertions that Bryant's philandering became too troublesome for wife Vanessa Bryant. While we can all see where that might put a wrench in a relationship that is supposed to be based on faith, trust and fidelity, it's the outlying silliness that really has me going nuts. 

TMZ has finally touched base with the alleged mistress that was at the forefront of the Bryant's breakup, only she denies being the woman the caught Bryant's eye, and possibly his embrace. 

In the video, Playboy Playmate Jessica Burciaga denies the question being Bryant's mistress when she is asked. Now, the obvious note is that she is either lying—and who could blame her when a camera is shoved in her face—or she is telling the truth. 

If you want some zany rumors, you can head over to, who has a report from a source they do not cite that states Bryant's infidelities numbered at 105. Yup, they have an exact number like he was taking a ticket at a delicatessen. 

I will take that report with a huge amount of cynicism as anyone in their right mind would have called off a marriage after their partner cheated ...

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