Up In The Air? Time to Panic In L.A.?

They took the U.S. Airways Center floor in the 4th quarter, oozing confidence; the Suns bench had a message for the Lakers, “We are still alive!”

You can’t take away the fact that Kobe was magnificent, especially from behind the arc, matching a career high with 6-of-9 from three point land. Pau Gasol must have forgotten his hardhat in the hotel room when he left for the arena. He showed up once the entire night, with a two handed tip dunk with Amar’e Stoudemire draped all over his back.

The Lakers simply were not the Lakers, or was it the Suns' zone defense which completely dammed the Lakers' flow.

Aren't the Suns supposed to be scared of those legendary Lakers?

Don’t they know their place?

I think the Suns forgot to read that memo where they are said to be inferior.

With a one point gap to start the 4th quarter, Alvin Gentry chose to stick with a squad on the floor consisting entirely of bench players. It can now be looked at as a stroke of genius.

Goran Dragic was huge for the Suns. Derrick Fisher's age really began to show, he couldn't stay in front of the young man. With eight assists and zero turnovers in the game, he was a true floor general. Most of all his excellent play allowed Steve Nash to rest on the bench.

The 4th quarter really got out of hand when Leandro Barbosa hit a three pointer from the right wing. The Suns played well on a proceeding defensive sequence, regained possession of the ball, and Jared Dudley proceeded to hit another three from the right wing.

That’s when the Lakers really began to look defeated, passing the ball around the perimeter passively. The spinning right handed scoop layup by Dragic was simple icing on the cake.

Phil Jackson, Kobe, and company must go back to the drawing board and figure out a way to poke holes in the Suns' zone defense. If they are unable to solve thi...

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