Unexpected Moves Los Angeles Lakers Could Make in Free Agency

The Los Angeles Lakers franchise is trying to solve a proverbial Rubik’s cube heading into the 2014 offseason.

The organization just finished with its worst record in more than half a century and numerous roster spots need to be filled. Kobe Bryant is expected to be 100 percent following an injury-riddled 2013-14 campaign, but management still hasn’t even decided on a new coach to replace Mike D’Antoni.

It’s to be expected that the Lakers front office may decide to surround Bryant with another mishmash of players on one-year deals. Doing so would keep cap space free for the summer of 2015, presumably when Lakerland returns to a state of stability.

But what exactly could the Lakers do that would be seen as unexpected?

With so many questions to solve, the answers may not be so black and white. In fact, the Lakers may turn a few heads with moves that surprise and baffle.

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