Uncontested Shots: The Latest on NBA Trade Rumors, Kobe Bryant, and More

With a little over a week left until the NBA's trade deadline, I figured there was no better time to bring back my Uncontested Shots column.

If you're not familiar, Uncontested Shots is a random mix of NBA tidbits sprinkled with my opinions that I started about two years ago. Usually it's to shoot down trade rumors that will never happen because they make no sense but also to bring light to things that deserve it.

So without further ado, here are this week's Uncontested Shots:


Amar'e Really On The Move?

This is the million dollar question. ESPN's Ric Bucher insists that Stoudemire is atop any list of star players who could get moved before the deadline.

While it makes sense that the Suns would like to see what they can get for Stoudemire there are two different camps when it comes to prospective trading partners.

The first camp consists of teams that want Stoudemire if he's willing to opt out of his deal and become a free agent next summer and the other are teams that only want him if he doesn't opt out and exercises his option for next season.

The reason there are teams that would like to trade for him but hope he opts out is because they want to have cap space this summer but would like to have his services for the remainder of this season for a potential playoff run.

The reason there are teams that only want him if he agrees to exercise his option is because teams don't want to pay the steep asking price that the Suns might require and have nothing to show for it if Stoudemire walks in free agency.

The general consensus is that Stoudemire thinks he's deserving of a max contract. Teams might be leery of granting him his wish due to his injury history and his reputation for not giving his all on defense.

The perfect trading partner for Stoudemire might be the Miami Heat since they're in a good position whether Stoudemire stays or go...

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